Reduce stress effectively with body massage with hot stones

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Hot stone body massage is a method that has been around for a long time, and was once considered a beauty method for the aristocracy in the past. Today, hot body relaxation massage has become a high-class therapeutic, relaxation, and beauty treatment favored by many customers because of its simplicity and high efficiency. Amadora Spa will help you learn more about this method.

1. Find out what is Hot Stone?

Hot stone body massage
Hot stone body massage

Rocks come from deep within the earth, generated by lava flows and accumulate energy when sprayed onto the earth's surface. Therefore, the stones contain in themselves the power of nature, the soul of the earth. Hidden in the inanimate stones is the magical power that nature brings to life.

Since ancient times when civilization was not yet developed, people discovered the power of stones. Eastern people know that hot stones can be used to remove toxins from the body. And according to the concept of the West, hot stones can refresh the mind, improve people's mood, stabilize the body. Therefore, they have researched many methods to take full advantage of the hot stone's performance.

2. Massage body with hot stones

Himalaya hot stone body massage
Himalaya hot stone body massage

The first way is to use hot stone massage placed in fixed positions on the body to warm tissues, the heat of the stone will warm the body and soothe the mind. The gentle heat slowly spreads to melt the whole stress and helps the spirit become relaxed. Therefore, this really causes excitement and "satisfaction" from customers 

Or the second way: the technicians prepare 12 stones in the bed so that when the guests lie down, the stones must be in a vertical position from the back of the spine - covered with a layer of back towel on top of those 12 stones. guide guests on the rock ready. 2 stones in the palm of your hand - 1 stone on your stomach - 8 stones between your toes - 2 stones of moderate heat and placed right on your eyes. The gentle, continuous massage movements help to relax, all the stones are placed in the right position to help the suction point to help absorb and eliminate toxins in the body due to long-term accumulation. Along with that, the technicians will press the points to make the nerves stretch and relieve the aches and pains in the body immediately. The technicians will continue to use massage stones along the spine, shoulder blades, abdomen as blood circulation, 
stimulates digestion,  and in addition, using cold stones  to massage the neck and scalp,  stimulating all emotions and senses to make your spirit clear and energetic, gentle, gentle manipulations craving to induce the soul to let your whole body enter an absolute relaxation space.

3. Benefits and benefits of hot stone massage

Hot stone body massage
Hot stone foot massage at Amaroda Spa

Body massage  with this method of Hot Stone works very well in the circulation of blood, reduces pain, creates a sense of relaxation, stimulates relaxation to help the body reduce muscle tension, nerves,  exercises secreting toxins,  clearing meridians, blood circulation, pushing back tiredness, as if adding a new breath to our bodies after stressful working hours.

In addition, Hot stone combined with herbal essential oils, with many gentle scents during the treatment will help prevent and treat many diseases such as spinal degeneration, myalgia,  excretion of toxins. besides ...  helps to remove wrinkles, dispel excess fat, ... great use in beauty and anti-aging.

Hot stone body massage  is the perfect combination of the peak massage technique and the essence of volcano - Himalayan volcanic rock. Therapy is very popular, especially in the cold weather. Imagine after a hard working week, you come to these marvelous hot stones and let our skillful hands activate their energies on the drowsy body. Getting into it is herbal essential oil, which is indispensable in the process of hot stone massage - gently rubbing,  sliding, pushing, rubbing, pressing,  or heating the stone on acupuncture points, the muscles of the body will help restore the spirit, dispel fatigue and regenerate new energy sources so that you will be full of confidence to return to the daily chaotic life.

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