The miraculous effect of massage on human health is indisputable. Even with each style of each school in different countries, massage is researched and developed at a new level with many amazing achievements. Today, modern medicine sees massage as a potential cure. Widely applied in the field of beauty and therapy with the following great uses:
- Reduce body aches, restore energy after a day of work.
- Softening, anti-stiffness, edema.
- Skin tightening, quickly eliminates dead cells, promotes local metabolism.
- Stimulate blood vessels to expand, enhance blood circulation, good for the circulatory system.
- Support for treatment of many cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, stroke, blood pressure, ...
- Supporting the treatment of diseases related to the organ organs.
- Cure insomnia and headaches very effectively.
- Reduce stress, anxiety, stress, stabilize mood.
  • Back massage

    30' : 150.000vnđ

    This is therapy very good fpr the people with back pain, the specialist pressure help the muscles in the back to relax and no pain

  • Head & shoulders massage :

    30’ :150.000vnđ/back :30’ :150.000vnđ

    Massage head & shoulders
    Gently massage from the shoulders and press the tip of the head, making you feel very relaxed
    Hand & legs massage : 30’ :150.000vnđ
    Insomnia treatment, when massage and acupressure under the palms of hands and feet, help you feel relaxed and peace of mind
    Belly massage : 30’ : 150.000vnđ

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